The First Day

 Yesterday we had our first day of the new school year. I’m not even going to lie was pretty crazy here all day long! Before I could even sit down to enjoy my coffee this happened: That is a decorative ladder that normally hangs in the kitchen and houses some picture frames full of pictures of our family over the years. My oldest somehow managed to knock it off the wall while sweeping (don’t even ask me how she managed it because I still don’t know myself.. Ha!). Thankfully no one was hurt and no glass was broken. I’ll be spending part of my afternoon later glueing frames back together. FUN.

Then, I decided to try to take the ever so popular “first day of school” photos. For those who don’t already know, I’m a photographer. I don’t know if all photographers have this problem or not but taking pictures of your own kids is next to impossible. My 8 year old, bless her heart, is at that phase where she thinks she has to make some elaborate pose for every shot and has no idea how to fake a good smile. Anytime the camera comes out she starts to resemble a young wannabe super model in pain. But alas, we finally ended up with our pictures and I was very pleased with the final result. I was also frazzled, exhausted, and sweating by the time we were done.  
(You can download those signs I made here for free!)

After that we were finally able to get started, and surprisingly the day ended up being very productive.


We started a new system today inspired by Kristi over at Raising Clovers and so far it seems to be successful! I’ll do a post about the new system after we have tried it out a little and see it’s going to be our new long term solution or not. If you want to see Kristi’s amazing organizing techniques you should definitely watch her latest YouTube video!

Today I did my first ever “official” homeschool scope on periscope. Homeschool Scopes is an awesome group of homeschooling moms who do daily or frequent periscope streams all about homeschooling. I LOVE watching other moms because it helps me realize – I’m not alone here in the crazy! They also have some crazy good ideas for organization, curriculum, how to keep your kids entertained, and how to keep yourself SANE! So I highly recommend you download periscope if you don’t have it already, search for the hashtag #homeschoolscopes and watch some of these moms. They’re so inspiring! Watching them reminds me why I LOVE to homeschool and turns a crazy chaotic day around completely.

Today I scoped about the curriculum we’re using this year and why, so if you’re interested in watching you can catch the replay! But for now, mom break is over, time to finish up today’s work!

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